Violent Agreement Slang

Puta 1. Adj. A Spanish slang that means prostitute. «You are the son of a puta!» Neck 1. V. Slang for oral sex. «Hey, dog, I`m going out with Valarie. I heard her make a good neck. » Plug 1. n. Money. «I have a crazy catch of Slangin` all this Yayo.» 2. n. to have a lot or a bunch.

«He controls the cheddar.» 3. A long time. «I didn`t speak to you under control!» A woman or a friend. «Look at what`s airy there.» 2. n. A broad (a slang term offensive to a woman) and simple (one who quickly has sex with another person) combination of words. The term can also be used to refer to a sexy woman who is easy to go to bed. «No, I`m going with ya`ll tonight. I`m here with my air. » Lyrical reference: NICK CANNON LYRICS – My Rib «My misses, my world my breezy, she need me» heroin 1. a highly addictive drug obtained from morphine obtained from the sleeping pad. It is a «downer» or depressive that affects the pleasure systems of the brain and affects the brain`s ability to perceive pain. It is a white to dark brown powder or tarry substance.

It can be injected into a vein or injected into a muscle, smoked in a water whistle or standard whistle, mixed into a marijuana joint or normal cigarette, inhaled as smoked by a straw known as a «dragon hunt, snorted in powder form on the nose. Other slang names used are: Big H, Blacktar, Brown Sugar, Dope, Horse, Junk, Muc, Skag, Smac. I have heard that this term means either in strong agreement or «I agree with the overall plan, but disagree with the details of the plan.» Help me sort that out. St. 1. (Phencyclidine) has transescent sedative and anesthetic effects, which makes you feel the sensation of being «out of body» and detached from your environment. It is a white crystalline powder soluble in water or alcohol. PCP appears on the street in a variety of colored tablets, capsules and powders. PCP can be trampled, smoked, injected or swallowed and is most often sold as a powder or liquid and applied to leaves such as mint, parsley, oregano, tobacco or marijuana. Other familiar terms for this drug are: Angel Dust, Embalming Fluid, Killer Weed, Rocket Fuel, Supergrass, Wack, Ozone. Towel 1. adj.

A slang used as a pejorative term, like a «madman» or «punk». These are different parts of the country. In some areas like Long Island, NY, it`s a very steep drop; whereas in other regions like the Midwest, it`s easy for someone who rubs you badly. Some people use it as a term to describe someone who smokes a lot of weed. «Dude, why are you coming here with jerry? It`s a towel. A term that refers to cocaine for its color. «You`d better not be taken as white, otherwise you`ll have a serious time.» A sentence pronounced in the middle of a sentence when no other adverb is available for memory. A bit like the old slang word «total». «He just told me he likes me!» «Oh, straight!» 2.

To say or ask something of someone without playing or stopping; Get straight to the point. «I just saw Jimmy with Jessica!» «Just at the top?» «Straight Up!» Mushrooms 1. . . .