Service Level Agreement Nz

The company`s main commitment is to offer all customers excellent web hosting services. To support this obligation, the company ensures server availability of at least 99.9%. This availability is calculated monthly. If the Company does not meet this guaranteed availability, the Company will grant a partial refund to the Customer at the Company`s discretion. This partial refund is only made after your written or email notification to the company and depending on the duration of the downtime. This figure does not include losses of availability due to circumstances that are not controlled by the company, such as. B the unavailability of large national communication backbons, denial-of-service attacks and other types of attacks. The following words and phrases have meanings ad attributed to them, unless the context requires otherwise: «company», «we», «us» and «our» Voyager Internet Limited; «you», «you», the party or parties who use the services provided by Voyager Internet Limited. Denial-of-service attacks or other types of attacks directed at the web server, which result in downtime or contribute to downtime, are not included in the web server availability calculations. This Business Service Level Agreement applies only to services provided in our terms and conditions.

Are you tired of not knowing how much it will cost to maintain your IT environment in your company? Logical Solutions is a federal provider of ICT maintenance services. We can offer you a contract at an «All you can eat» price or a more conventional «Timebank» option to ensure that the appropriate levels of maintenance and service are met. Other IT consultants take advantage of failures in your DCT environment. At Logical Solutions, an «all you can eat» fixed price agreement does not allow us to take advantage of your technological problems and allows you to budget your ICT expenses. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are available in all shapes and sizes. In principle, they work on the principle that you pay a didator to your ICT partner to ensure that your ICT resources are available. Service level agreements need to be tailored to each customer, as no customer has the same requirements. This year, the District of Ashburton received additional funding to lead the district`s accreditation process to be recognized as a safe community.

The Ashburton Art Gallery received additional funding for human resources and ashburton Trust Event Centre received adjustments to inflation. The Council and Aoraki Environmental Consultancy are developing their working relationship, but expect it to become a formal contractual agreement sometime next year. A maintenance notification of at least 48 hours shall be made, unless the maintenance is considered critical. Notification is made via the Service Status page: (available in RSS) Notification is provided via the Service Status page: (RSS available) The company guarantees network availability of at least 99.99%.