Christian View On Prenuptial Agreements

This question has never been asked of me, so forgive me if my thoughts seem a little disorganized. Since the Bible doesn`t say anything specific about marriage contracts, what I`m saying is just my opinion, and I hope you`ll consider it as such and seek advice from others. Third, their discussion of God`s wishes for married couples in chapter 6 was encouraging. Beyond a few small differences, I believe she clearly expressed biblical expectations of men and women in marriage. She is to be commended for her emphasis on these theological issues. Fifth, I never said it wasn`t important to write things down. Their argument that this is a biblical mandate, however, has not been confirmed. I can also bring verses like Matthew 5:37 and James 5:12, which say that your yes and no no. Speech is enough. Yes, people break their word all the time.

They also break written promises. If writing were sufficient, the marriage contract would not require 3 pages of divorce rules and one page of separation rules. You say that a marriage contract «provides for the dissolution of my federal responsibilities.» The marriage contract I propose does not provide for the end of my «covenant obligations», but their execution, whatever happens. What the Bible says about marriage is a clear indication that marriage contracts do not fit very well into the Christian view of marriage. A biblical marriage is a covenant in which two become flesh and commit to loving one another and unconditionally sharing lay goods until death. A marriage contract that involves divorce can only undermine this obligation. Based on God`s revelations in Scripture, Christians have a duty to write a marriage contract to recognize their vows and covenants, which follow God`s laws and commandments, and reject counter-Christian laws and cultures as testimonies of God`s glory. We have a duty to correct the injustice that exists or that may be imposed by the government.

In addition, God recorded His covenants as a testimony of His dedication and love for us in His Word. Likewise, we have a duty to record our covenant agreements as a testimony to our mutual commitment, commitment and love. (25) As a Christian couple, I find it difficult to confront the idea of a prenup. Marriage is something that is sacred to me, and I hope I never end in divorce. I`m also realistic and I know things happen. His parents divorced and this strongly influenced his view of certain things and relationships. I have a hard time thinking about sitting down with a lawyer before a wedding and saying that if you get divorced, etc. In principle, I sign a «divorce contract» before I get married. What is a marriage contract and is it a good idea for a Christian couple in a biblical marriage to have one? Hartman is right that trust is an important issue for marriage contracts. She writes: «One of the most common objections to prenups is that they involve a lack of trust. This indeed applies to a secular prenup, but if we really understand the ruin of man, should we trust our fiancé? (45). She goes on to explain that our sin makes it difficult for someone to trust us.