Apbu Collective Agreement

«In collective bargaining, there is a give-and-take and an exchange of ideas,» the director said. «We have to respect this process.» Asked about the government`s willingness to meet with the APBU as Stroeher proposed, Goldbloom said no other process has been agreed at this time than established collective bargaining. He did, however, express the feeling that the BU community is committed to the survival of the school. «Given where we are, the union would be willing to sit down and participate in efforts with the administration to review the university`s finances and discuss ways to address, at least temporarily, possible financial changes,» Virginia Stroeher, president of the APBU, told The Record, adding that she met with Principal Goldbloom last Monday. to offer so many things. Stroeher understood the need for stability and said she had turned to Goldbloom to make temporary concessions outside of the union`s collective agreement to put the school back on a solid financial footing in the short term. «Often we can stabilize things,» the union president said. «Operating costs naturally increase. Things like electricity, we do not have to say because it is Hydro Québec. That`s why we need to look at the full main book of the university and see if there are things we can put on hold for a year. These are certainly not long-term changes that we are considering, they are short-term changes to stabilize our spending. Asked about the impact the offer of this temporary agreement could have on the UPPA`s upcoming contract negotiations, the union president said it was too early to tell, but stressed that all temporary concessions would be made in the short term and outside the collective agreement.

«The APBU President expressed concern that Bishop`s staff members have been hit hard by the various cuts made in recent years. Whatever agreements can be reached by the union and the school, she said, they should focus on other areas of the budget. «I am confident that the union and the episcopal community in general have a good understanding of the reasons and magnitude of the financial challenges we face,» Goldbloom said. «I think there will be good faith efforts to find lasting solutions.» In that sense, Goldbloom said the school`s senior management team has been busy for some time studying every aspect of the university and whether there are opportunities to either increase revenue or reduce expenses. As part of this process, he added, administrators participated in community meetings and encouraged faculty and staff to exchange ideas on how to proceed. Quebec Federation of University Professors and Professors The Chair of the Board of Governors of B.C. University has resigned following an independent report that found that UBC could not protect and support the academic freedom of a UBC professor after speaking of a lack of diversity on the Board of Directors. . It`s no secret that Bishop`s University faced a financial crisis during the 2015-16 academic year. While the reduction in resources allocated to the Centennial Theatre program over the past year has probably been the most important sign that the school is running out of money, the fact that there are more and more cuts that would intrude into the daily life of the university, as the school struggles to manage state funding cuts as it looks elsewhere for additional sources of revenue.