Amazon Storage Agreement

59.2. You agree and indicate that: (a) we may use and store your content processed by Alexa for Business («Alexa Content») to maintain and provide Alexa for Business (including the development and enhancement of Alexa for Business) and to develop and improve AWS and related technologies for machine learning and artificial intelligence; and (b) only in connection with the use and storage described in clause (a) we may store your Alexa content in AWS Regions outside of the AWS Regions in which you use Alexa for Business. Service credits are calculated as a percentage of PSTN functionality fees, including replication requirements, cross-region data transmission, PSTN functionality fees, and S3 goal storage charges related to any object assigned for the billing cycle in which the 15-minute monthly replication percentage was within the areas shown in the table below. Information about retrieving a copy of the source code for certain software components contained in the software can be found in the AWS Storage Gateway technical documentation on the AWS website ( 50.4. You are responsible for providing end users of your products or services who use an AI service with legally appropriate privacy notices and obtaining the necessary consent from those end users for the processing and storage, use and transfer of AI content in accordance with this Section 50, including providing all necessary notices and collecting necessary verifiable parental information. immunization in accordance with the Children`s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) or similar laws and obtain the necessary consent from individuals appearing in images or videos processed by an AI service. You assure us that you have provided all necessary privacy notices and that you have obtained all necessary consents. Amazon Lex does not store or store voice or text information of websites, programs, or other applications that you identify in whole or in part to the address of children under the age of 13 and is subject to COPPA or other similar laws pursuant to this section. 1.1 Services.

The Services provide storage, retrieval, management, printing and access functions for your photos, videos and other files («your files»). The Services may provide automatic organization features and functions, including features and functions that allow you to sort your photos based on the people, objects, and scenes in those photos and the metadata associated with those photos….