Uq Standard Agreements

A number of standard agreements are available for organizational units throughout the UQ. Scholarship agreements are generally concluded with public aid agencies and overseas ministries. Before submitting a scholarship proposal to uQ Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship, you should follow: If you are unable to ensure intermediation with any of these agreements, you should negotiate the form of the supplier`s investment agreement. The Student Employability Centre will oversee student exchange agreements and advise on overall engagement and entrepreneurship in the implementation of UQ`s formal exchange agreements (bachelors and graduate courses). The guidance should include emerging issues and the balance of student exchange numbers with partner institutions and make recommendations for the extension or termination of the agreement. The UQ has approved the following standard investment agreements that you can pass on to a supplier. Once the operational data is complete with the supplier, you should ensure that the agreement is signed by uQ (in accordance with the Contract Delegations Directive) and the supplier. Subject to compliance with the terms of use, the following standard UQ research contracts may be approved and signed, on behalf of the University, by an Executive Director or Institute Director. An electronic copy of each fully signed research contract must be presented to the research and innovation department – for this step, contact Science Contracts. The UQ Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship will review this policy if necessary to ensure its currencies and relevance to the management of UQ`s international engagement and agreements. 1.

Explain how the partnership with the overall strategy of the Faculty/Institute and UQ is compatible with the country concerned and indicate with which other priority partners the Faculty/Institute has already concluded agreements. If you change the terms of a standard agreement, it is no longer standard and usually needs to be signed at a higher level. Standard agreements are pre-approved contracts that allow UQ employees to enter into fast contracts on reasonable terms. See the guidelines of the International Convention on The Types of Agreements. Additional consultation and approval is required for certain types of agreements. 2. Ensure that all agreements are informed and comply with Australian, foreign and international laws relevant to the business, including the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Act 2018, as well as export controls. You will find information on who can sign a standard agreement in the Delegation Directive [1.10.01] and in the delegation schedule (notification of staff required). If the agreement is related to the acceptance of a gift on behalf of the UQ, read the directive on delegations accepting gifts [1.10.04].

Use these agreements to ensure that confidential information is disclosed by uQ or UQ. Portfolio or divisional directors, Executive Deans and Directors of Research Institutes must follow this procedure, including in the exercise of their relevant receiving authorities with respect to the proposals and agreements of the International Agreement. For faculty institutes, the competent receiving authority is Executive Dean.