Uft Doe Agreement

Only de Blasio can make that decision. New COVID`s new hulls have increased by 40% compared to last week. De Blasio loses confidence that he won`t be bad. The letter UFT contains two keywords: «agreement» and «UFT-represented.» I think UFT wants to make sure that future «agreements» only cover «UFT»-represented payers. There could be another legal battle over equal treatment vs.a. You-get-what you-pay-for geben. At the summer town hall meeting, Mulgrew said they were negotiating housing for those who care for/live vulnerable family members. The complaint may have expedited the process to reach this agreement. My neighbour is a principle and he hasn`t even heard of this agreement! How pathetic is this system? Some schools, for example, require students to learn on virtual platforms, even if they are in school buildings, or ask educators to teach a mix of students to distant people and students at different times of the day. The initial agreement between the city and the union discouraged this and required separate teachers for those who are physically in school and those who learn from home.

Now, contractors may have more flexibility. Also included in the agreement: Parent-teacher conferences are held online, unless a person is asked. We are pleased that the FTU and doE have reached the reasonable conclusion that teachers, paraprofits and other school staff should not risk being exposed to COVID-19 by commuting through the city and sitting with colleagues in poorly ventilated rooms to teach remotely. Since even the very small progress made in this agreement will not come into force until October 5, this simple request comes too late for pre-K and D75 who have started working personally with students this week, and certainly too late for the tens of thousands of teachers who have to start their classes in person on Tuesday and Thursday. Excuse me, I`ll make my decision in June. That`s enough. I am really happy for my colleagues, who may now be able to work remotely and help make their families safer, but I am also angry because the recent FTU agreement marginalizes all those who are single and healthy. It is as if the UFT has accepted that some of us deserve to be safer than others because we do not have certain types of relationships.